Why Use Breast Implant Sizers

If you are considering breast augmentation, you will want to take advantage of the modern breast implant sizers. The basic goal of a breast implant sizing system is to help you make your final implant size choice. One recent study shows that over one-third of all breast implant revision procedures are simply to change the size of the implant alone. Since all the costs and risks are involved with a second procedure for a woman who chooses the wrong implant size, doctors welcome the help of these systems.

Top Reasons To Use Breast Implant Sizers

To avoid subsequent surgeries it is important that you experiment with various breast sizes. Here is my list of the top seven reasons to try breast implant sizers before choosing your final choice in implant size:

1) You are going to be spending a lot of money on breast augmentation, maybe four to five thousand dollars or more. The extra couple of hundred dollars to buy a good breast implant sizing system is well worth it to avoid a second or third surgery.

2) The risks associated with the breast implant surgery are comparatively minor versus some operations. Still, using breast sizers can help you avoid going under the knife and under anesthesia for a second time.

3) Experience is simply better than guesswork. By experiencing various breast sizes before you undergo the procedure, you avoid leaving your decision to simple guesswork.

4) Breast augmentation before and after photos simply do not tell the whole story that you need to know. A certain implant size may look good on one woman's body, but have a completely different effect on yours. Using a sizer can help you see and feel what different breast sizes are like.

5) Various breast sizes in different clothing and activities can have an impact on your decision. The twenty minutes at a doctor's office is important, but you should really live with different sizes before you make your final decision.

6) Your body changes throughout every month and throughout your life. Wearing breast implant sizers over a period of time can help you decide on a size that is appropriate for you.

7) Most women who undergo subsequent surgeries come back to get a bigger size. Most report that they were concerned about going too big the first time, but found they liked their new breasts so much they wanted to come back and make them larger. If they had used breast implant sizers would this have happened to them?

Try Different Sizes of Breast Implant Sizers

If you are considering breast augmentation, try using breast implant sizers to see how you look and feel with different sizes. Wear a variety of different breast implant sizes over a period of time to experience your thoughts, emotions, and feelings about each size. Try wearing each sizer set in your favorite clothing. Go beyond just standing in front of a mirror with different sizes. You really get a feeling for the whole psychological impact by getting out of the house while wearing the sizers. Wear them frequently out shopping, out for a night on the town, or even at work. Examine how you feel and get feedback from your family and friends.

Breast implant sizers are made for women considering getting breast implants. Sized in cubic centimeters, similarly to breast implants, Purlz™ breast sizers help women choose an appropriate implant size. Would you prefer a C cup or D cup? There are many reasons to try on your new breast size before making the final choice. 

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