What size is right for me?

What breast implant size is right for me?

The decision about breast implant size is one of the most difficult challenges facing the woman who is considering breast augmentation. What are the best breast implant sizes for my body type, weight, and age? There have been a lot of different types of advice but now there is finally a solution that truly gives a woman options.

While there are several theories relating to the "ideal" size aesthetically, it seems most appropriate to say the breast implant size that is right for you is the one that you like the best on your own body.

In the past many people, including many plastic surgeons, have recommended that women look at pictures of women they want to look like. Having picked out a picture, the surgeon then is supposed to try to make your body look like hers. If it were only that simple, the process would be easy.

Unfortunately, the primary reason for dissatisfaction with breast augmentation is the patient's own choice of breast implant size. Over 33% of all dissatisfied patients report that they wish they had chosen a different size for their breast implants. This statistic clearly indicates the need for a different way to approach the problem of choosing breast implant size prior to surgery.


Try On Breast Implant Sizes with Purlz™

So what if you could try on different breast implant sizes before making your final decision? Do you think you might have a greater chance of satisfaction with the results of your surgery if you actually wore different sizes of implants for a few days?

With the Purlz™ Breast Sizing System, you can literally try out a C cup breast size one week and a D cup the next. You will get a chance to experience how you will look and FEEL with breast implants before you actually have the surgery. The polypropylene beads that fill the Purlz™ sizers are similar in weight by volume to breast tissue and breast implants. What will it be like to jog, dance, work after surgery? Now you can test drive your new body before you make a final decision.

Purlz are unique in that they are the most natural looking breast implant sizers available on the market today. Designed to fit comfortably within a specially selected sports bra, you can wear Purlz™ to work out, play, shop, or nearly any other normal activity. Other systems are water-based or rubbery and are designed primarily to check your look in front of a bathroom mirror. They simply cannot be worn for more than a few minutes without being uncomfortable or appearing unnatural. This is the true advantage of Purlz™ which allow you to try on a wide variety of clothing and go about your normal activities for an extended period of time discreetly and comfortably.

Purlz™ are designed of a soft, stretchable microfiber shell filled with small polypropylene beads similar in weight by volume to breast tissue and implants. When compressed within the sports bra, Purlz™ are flexible enough to be shaped around the breast and appear natural while you wear nearly any type of blouse.


Is it important to experience different breast implant sizes before making the final choice?

Imagine buying a car, or even a pair of shoes without trying them on. Wouldn't you stand a greater chance of being satisfied if you tried them on first? This is even much more important with breast augmentation because your surgeon will actually be changing the shape of your body.

Is breast augmentation right for me?

This is the biggest question of all. Do you really want to have the surgery? By wearing Purlz™ for a few days or weeks you will soon be able to decide if this important decision is right for you. Try on Purlz™ in different implant sizes to give you a feel for a variety of breast sizes.  How do you feel? Are you self-conscious with one size, but more confident with another? Do you like how your clothes fit with one of the sizes? Does it interfere with jogging or your golf game? Or does it feel exactly right for you? Wearing Purlz™ for a few days or weeks may help you to decide one way or the other. And if you do decide you want the surgery, you can choose your new breast size with confidence.

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