What happens at a consult

What happens at a breast augmentation consultation?

Are you ready to schedule your breast augmentation consultation? What happens during a consultation for breast implants? If you are curious or a bit nervous, you are not alone. Over 350,000 women choose breast augmentation every year, while many more at least schedule a breast augmentation consult to get more information for future plans.

It is very important for you to prepare for the consultation with some basic knowledge about BA before going to your consult. Why? During your consultation you will have about 20 minutes with the surgeon before you will be handed off to the nursing staff and patient care coordinators. Many women come to the office unprepared and therefore use their consultation time with the doctor to discuss only the most basic elements about the procedure.


The Breast Augmentation Consultation

You should plan to arrive to the consultation about fifteen minutes early to fill out several in-take forms for the doctor. During this time you will be answering some basic questions about your health as well as noting some of your most basic concerns regarding the procedure. You will also sign several consent and release of liability forms prior to visiting the doctor.

In most cases you will then walk into one of the doctor's offices where you will have your private consultation. Many patient's will find that they prefer to have their husband, boyfriend, or some other loved one attend the consultation with them, which is perfectly fine, and usually expected.

Certainly, you will feel a bit nervous about the discussion, but a good surgeon will put you at ease within a few minutes. Pay close attention to the surgeon's manner of dealing with you, as it is important that you choose a surgeon who can put your feelings at ease.

During this meeting, the doctor will assess your breasts and body type and discuss the various benefits of each type of implant and incision. The surgeon will also discuss the various breast implant sites that may work best for your body type.

After your visit with the surgeon personally, you will then have about fifteen minutes with one of the nurses to try on various breast implant sizers at the office. during this brief time you will be expected to choose a breast implant size which you hope will give you the desired breast size in the end.

Please do not make the mistake of ending your research on breast implant size here! Studies show that over 33% of patients who are dissatisfied with their breast augmentation are upset that they chose the wrong breast implant size. Could it be that they did not have enough time to make this important decision during the BA consultation?

As a result many doctors now recommend the Purlz Breast Sizing System which allows you to wear various breast implant sizers outside of the doctors office at home and on your own time. You are no longer limited to a brief view in the mirror to try on various sizes as now you can buy a system that looks and feels natural during almost all of your daily activities.


The BA Consultation Extension

Think of Purlz as an extension of your breast augmentation consultation. While the critical medical questions will be answered during your talk with the doctor, the choice of breast implant size is one that you can choose over time. Try on a C cup one week and a D cup the next. Note how you feel with either size over a period of a few days or even a few weeks. You might be surprised by your final size choice. 

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