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 Which breast implant size should I choose?

Deciding on a breast implant size can be a challenging and emotional decision for many women considering breast augmentation. Selecting the incorrect implant size is one of the most common reasons women undergo subsequent surgeries.

One recent study shows that over 33% of breast implant revision procedures performed on women were simply to change the breast implant size! The patent-pending Purlz Breast Sizing System can help you choose the right breast implant size the first time with our tester breast implants.

With the Purlz™ Breast Sizing System , you don't have to imagine the look of your potential breast size...you can experience several different sizes!

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What are Purlz™?

Purlz™ are made of a soft, comfortable microfiber fabric with enough stretch to adjust its shape to your body. Purlz™ are filled with polypropylene beads that weigh about the same as implants and breast tissue by volume. This allows you to test out the feel as well as the look of your new body before your procedure. Go ahead and wear them dancing and jogging. They are durable and hand washable for long-term use.


Purlz™ Breast Sizers


What is the Purlz™ Breast Sizing System?

The Purlz™ Breast Sizing System packages include different sized Purlz™ tester breast implant sets, a Champion sports bra, special straps to attach the sizers to the bra, and a fabric tape to keep the sizers in place if necessary. The tape attaches the sizers to the bra, not to your skin!


  Breast Sizing Triple System  


This system is:

  • Comfortable, durable, lightweight, and hand-washable.
  • Natural in look and feel; discretely worn under most clothing.
  • Made of a microfiber spandex blend fabric filled with 100% polypropylene beads that weigh about the same as breast tissue and implants.
  • Sized accurately in cubic centimeter sizes reflecting the amount of fill in each sizer.
  • Designed to attach securely with our hook-and-strap system (no pocket required).
  • Unlike the popular "Rice Bag Test", Purlz can be worn with confidence!
  • Fun to wear!
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