Transumbilical (TUBA) Breast Augmentation

TUBA Surgery Procedure - Transumbilical Breast Augmentation

By Dr. Jim Greene

A transumbilical breast augmentation is a breast enlargement procedure in which the surgeon will make an incision in the naval of the patient. After making this incision the surgeon will then use an endoscope to make a tunnel from the naval to the breasts. Upon reaching the breasts, the surgeon will then use the endoscope to make an area that will end up being the final resting spot for the saline filled breast implant after it gets fed through the tunnel and into the breasts.

There are two major areas in which the surgeon may be able to place the implant depending on your preference. The surgeon can place the implant below the pectoral muscles or over them. Either way, the process in general for the TUBA is the same.
One of the biggest advantages to choosing the transumbilical incision is that there are no visible scars after the completion of the surgery. The incision is actually in the naval and out of any visibility. Unfortunately one of the possible disadvantages is that due to the tunneling process those tunnels may eventually become visible. Also the location of the implant may not be perfect due to the greater distances between the naval and the breast which makes it harder for the surgeon to prepare the implants location.

Like any surgical procedure it is very important to do your research and spend your time asking as many questions about the TUBA surgery to ensure that when a decision is needed that you will be able to make a well informed one. There are many risks associated with this and other breast augmentation procedures and it is therefore important to consult with a licensed professional prior to making any finalized decision regarding this procedure.

The TUBA surgery is becoming a popular incision choice among women who are planning on receiving a saline filled implant. When it comes to less visible scars, the only real choice is the transumbilical or under arm incision. The under arm incision will give better results than the transumbilical incision but the scar may be more visible than that of the transumbilical incision.

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