Top 10 Questions to Ask Your Plastic Surgeon

By A Aaronson

The importance that society places on the proper breast size, leads to feeling of insecurity among many women who possess "less than the ideal" bust size. Unshapely sagging breasts are a matter of concern for many women across the globe. Consideration of breast enhancement cosmetic surgery procedures seems to be an obvious choice.

Given the nature and complexity of the breast enhancement procedures, it's vital for every woman to be aware of how the surgery can help her achieve the dreamy figure taking into consideration the risk factors, costs and options, if something goes wrong.
If you are a woman considering breast enhancement, reduction, or lift surgery, then there are many questions that you should make sure to ask your plastic surgeon before proceeding to the operation table. It is always important for you to feel comfortable while asking your plastic surgeon questions without any apprehensions to get a clear understanding about the procedure. Additionally, your plastic surgeon should be happy to take time and answer any questions that you may have.

Here are the top 10 questions you should ask your plastic surgeon before breast surgery:

1. What do you feel is the best breast procedure for my body? Why do you recommend this procedure over other options?

2. What are the possible risks to my body from silicone or saline implants? Which option is best for my body type to achieve the desired outcome?

3. How often have you performed this kind of a surgery? What are the results observed from this procedure in other patients?

4. What are the total costs for this procedure inclusive of all surgical fees, anesthesia fees and other expenses that I will need to pay for?

5. Specify the recovery period for this procedure. What special precautions should I take post-operation?

6. What are the potential complications for this procedure?

7. What is the process of correction if I am not satisfied with the results that I see? What are the options that can you offer me and what will the cost likely be?

8. If I choose to become pregnant in the future, will I still be able to breastfeed my child?

9. What do you believe will be the resulting sensitivity issues with my breasts?

10. How painful will the recovery time be and what options can you offer to help me alleviate my pain?

In addition to the above, it's extremely crucial to choose a board certified experienced surgeon before intending for the procedure and know about the types of breast implants available in the market. An open discussion with your surgeon about your expectations from the process can prove to be of great help in making judicious and right decisions.

Many women seem to be highly bothered about the age of implants, unaware of the fact that the longevity of implants depends on the type chosen. Always remember that mistakes in making right choices can affect your overall appearance.

Only if all your doubts are resolved, questions answered and your plastic surgeon has made you feel comfortable and completely aware about the pros and cons of the procedure then you can take steps accordingly to achieve fuller cup size. Before signing up, make sure if this is what you really want and if you are willing to live with any potential problems that may subsequently arise. Set realistic expectations from the process and not far fetched dreams.

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