Tips for Faster Breast Augmentation Surgery Recovery

Tips for a Faster Breast Augmentation Surgery Recovery
Author: Dave Donovan

Cosmetic surgery has made incredible advancements in terms of the quality of surgeons and recovery times for patients. While today's breast augmentation patients recover faster than ever before, they still want to get back to their daily routine as quick as possible. Before you can plan to speed up your recovery, you first have to know what to expect following your breast augmentation surgery.
Recovery After Breast Augmentation Surgery

You should always consult with your breast augmentation doctor about what to expect before having it done. You should expect your breasts to be bruised and swollen after the procedure. This should reduce in about two to four weeks. In the event that the swelling is different on each side, don't worry, that is normal. However, if the difference in swelling is extreme, then you will want to contact your breast augmentation doctor immediately.

You may notice that your breasts are slightly high and firm. This is also normal and you can expect the breasts to soften and settle in about two months. It's also common for one breast to settle before the other, so don't be alarmed if that occurs.

How to Speed Up Recovery After Breast Augmentation Surgery

Now that the breast augmentation surgery is complete, you will be anxious to get back to everyday life with your new body. For that to happen as soon as possible, try following these few tips for a faster recovery.

-After the surgery, keep packs of ice on your breasts to help minimize swelling.
-Avoid any strenuous activities or actions for at least the first week after your breast augmentation surgery.
-Avoid bending over or stretching for at least one week to ten days after the procedure.
-Avoid sleeping on your stomach for at least two weeks following the breast augmentation surgery. For the fastest recovery, try sleeping in an upright position.
-If your breast augmentation surgery incorporated smooth silicone implants, then you should massage them daily, starting 24 hours after the surgery. This helps to keep them soft, in place and helps to avoid capsular contractures.
-If your breast augmentation surgery incorporated textured implants, then do not massage them.

Other Limitations to Help Recover Faster From Breast Augmentation Surgery

As stated earlier, physical exertion should be extremely limited after your breast augmentation. This means that you should prepare to take a few days off from work after your surgery. If you have a strenuous job, plan to take between two and three weeks off. In an ideal situation, you should try to avoid driving for at least seven days after your surgery.

If you are an active person who loves to exercise, talk to your breast augmentation doctor. In most cases, you will need to avoid the gym for a minimum of four weeks. Avoid upper body weights for at least six weeks. You may be on a less-active exercise routine like walking, which you can start after a few days into your recovery.

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