Life After your Breast Augmentation

Life After your Breast Augmentation Procedure
Author: Kendra Wagner

Breast augmentation is one of today’s most popular cosmetic procedures. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, more than 375,000 breast augmentations were performed in 2006 alone. There are many reasons why women opt for this surgery. Some want bigger breasts, while others want to restore their breast to their pre-pregnancy, childbirth and nursing appearance. But what happens after your breast augmentation procedure? Before you have this surgery, it is important to understand both the short-term and long-term impact of breast augmentation.
Immediately After Your Breast Augmentation Procedure

The recovery period immediately after your breast augmentation surgery can vary greatly depending upon a number of different factors. Age, skin type, family history and personal attitudes can all impact the length of your recovery time. You should discuss all of these issues with your doctor prior to having your procedure in order to develop an individualized recovery plan.

The care you receive after your breast augmentation can affect both the speed of healing as well as the long-term results of the procedure. Proper care during this time is crucial. Typically, your doctor will recommend an extended period of rest and relaxation. This recuperation time may last from a minimum of one week to two week or even longer if you have significant risk factors.

Even after you have resumed many of your normal daily activities and returned to work, your doctor may instruct you to keep your movements limited and to avoid heavy lifting. You should have regular follow-up appointments to assess the healing and results of your surgery. During your recovery time, you should always carefully watch the incision site for tearing, excessive swelling or bleeding. You should also take your temperature regularly, because an elevated temperature may indicate infection. If you experience any of these symptoms, contact your doctor immediately.

The Long-Term Effects of Surgery

Because breast augmentation is an invasive procedure, it may take several months for the full effects of your surgery to become apparent. Mild swelling may last for some time, and your breast may need time to settle into their final shape, placement and form. For many women, the long-term effects of breast augmentation may be largely psychological. Getting used to a new appearance can be difficult, but having a healthy attitude as well as realistic expectations can make the process much easier.

Additionally, you should also be prepared for other long-term potential side effects of breast augmentation. Some women experience sudden nipple insensitivity, often due to damage to the nerves during the surgical procedure, while other women report a sudden increase in sensitivity. By understanding these possible outcomes, you’ll be better prepared to deal with them if and when they arise.

Breast augmentation can be an excellent solution for many women looking to improve the size, shape or appearance of their breasts. Before deciding if breast augmentation surgery is right for you, however, you need to carefully consider both the short-term and long-term impact of the surgery.

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You should also discuss details such as breast augmentation cost with your doctor to ensure the best possible breast augmentation experience. By carefully analyzing these details prior to breast augmentation surgery, you can concentrate on a healthy recovery.



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