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C-Cup Breast Implants

Breast implants do not come in "C cups", of course.  The purpose of this breast implant size calculator is to help you determine what range of breast implant sizes will achieve a C-cup using Purlz™ Breast Sizers.  Much of the size determination depends upon your current bra size.
Click on your current bra size above in order to find a recommended set of Purlz™ Breast Sizers to simulate a breast size for a C-cup bra..

C-Cup Breast Implant Sizers

The Purlz™ Breast Sizing System is unique because the tester implants are comfortable, durable, and look natural within a bra.  Moreover, they weigh about the same by volume as breast tissue and breast implants. Wear various sizes of Purlz™ Breast Sizers over a period of time to determine what breast size is right for you.
You can either choose from one of our pre-selected Purlz™ Breast Sizing System sets, or create your own custom package of breast implant sizers. The custom package allows you to choose your own sizes in order try out the size range of your choice.  By trying out each breast size for a period of at least a week at a time, you will eventually feel more comfortable with the breast implant sizes that are right for you. We recommend that you check out our Implant and Bra Size Chart to select the bra size that will work best with the sizers you have chosen.

C-Cup Breast Implants Consultation

Are you ready for your breast augmentation consultation with your plastic surgeon?  What breast implant size will you choose?  Will you be considering silicone breast implants or saline?  Use our system to help you determine the best breast implant size you will need in your breast implant surgery.  Avoid the leading cause of patient dissatisfaction in breast augmentation by trying out different breast implant sizes before undergoing your surgery.


Purlz come in cubic centimeter sizes just like implants

Plastic Surgeons | Purlz

"Purlz have been an effective method to help my patients choose their breast implant sizes."

Dr. James Wire


"I began using the Purlz Breast Sizing System as an option for patients to try several sizes in their clothes over a period of time. This does cost a little bit extra, but greatly reduces the anxiety in choosing the appropriate implant size. Besides that, it is FUN for the patient."

Dr. Brian Lee


"Purlz really help give our patients a good idea of what to expect"

Dr. Nathan Sewell

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