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Breast Augmentation Sizing

Breast augmentation sizing is both a science and an art for plastic surgeons. Since the body of every woman is different, balancing your desires with the constraints of what is medically possible can be a difficult process in breast augmentation sizing. The fact is that not all breast implant sizes are available for every person.  Only your plastic surgeon can truly decide what the limitations of your body will be.

One of the greatest challenges for you will be to communicate your desires to your doctor so that he or she thoroughly understands the goals of your breast augmentation. Simply talking about a breast size cannot completely explain what you want.  Breast augmentation patients might approach this communication issue in several different ways:

  1. Try on breast implant sizers in the plastic surgeon's office.
  2. Communicate the bra cup size they would like to wear.
  3. Talk in depth with the doctor about the breast size and shape they would like.
  4. Find photos of other women they want to look like.

One method for sizing you may want to use is to photograph yourself wearing breast augmentation sizers in the size and shape you want. Which is better, a photo of another woman or a photo of yourself with the breast size you want? The photographs you bring to the doctor may be helpful even in the operating room while they are performing the procedure.
In order to accomplish this, we suggest using a breast augmentation sizing system that allows you to wear various implant sizes to help you choose what size you prefer. Wear the sizers all day, in any environment where you feel comfortable wearing them.

Breast sizers are designed to be comparable in size and volume to breast implants.  These systems range from about forty to one hundred dollars.  The difference is that the more expensive versions look natural within a bra so as to be undetectable.  The cheaper versions are essentially plastic bags filled with water and can be noticed through your clothing, but are adequate for the privacy of your own home. Some women have found that they feel comfortable wearing sizers only out shopping, while others feel comfortable wearing them throughout their daily activities so they get feedback from their family, friends, and coworkers.

Use Breast Implant Sizers for Sizing

Wearing breast augmentation sizers over a significant period of time is an invaluable way to make a good decision. You will notice that your decision on implant size will change over time. Some women who have worn breast sizers have decided on a larger breast implant size than they would have before wearing the breast sizing system. They found that they got over the self-conscious fear of how people would react to their larger size, and actually felt better about their breast implant size decision.
Still others have chosen a smaller breast implant size after attracting unwanted attention. The only way to truly know what you prefer is to wear the breast implant sizing system in enough situations to experience the feelings brought on by different activities and in different clothing.

Beyond the visual effect, another important consideration is how a larger breast size will feel as you go about your normal activities. Purlz™ breast sizers are filled with small polypropylene beads that weigh about the same by volume as breast tissue and breast implants. This gives you an experiential understanding of how your new body will feel while jogging, dancing, golfing, or working out. Nothing can replace this experiential preview of your post-surgical body to help you make an informed size decision.

After you have decided on a favorite breast augmentation size, take photos of yourself in a few outfits wearing your preferred appearance resulting from the breast implant sizing system. Bring your before and after pictures to your plastic surgeon's office to give him or her a good idea of the breast size you want. Even better, wear the breast sizers to the office and also bring along your photos. this method gives your doctor a very specific understanding of your size preferences.

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