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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who makes Purlz™?

Purlz™ Breast Sizers were designed and are manufactured by L.W. Gatz in Minnesota. We have no plans to export production, storage or shipping overseas. We are a small, family-owned, owner-operated business. When you call or email us, you are dealing with the person who designed our products and who owns the business. Call 651-470-0050 and ask for Edith.

2. What are Purlz™ Breast Sizers made of?

The outer fabric is a soft, durable microfiber and spandex blend fabric that can be easily molded to the shape you need to look natural and feel comfortable when worn, even all day. Purlz™ are filled with small polypropylene beads that weigh about the same by volume as breast tissue and breast implants.

3. Are they washable?

Yes, they are intended for extended trials under a variety of conditions. They can be hand washed and air dried. The fill is polypropylene and therefore should not be exposed to extreme heat, such as might be present in a dryer. Hand washing and air drying is the safest way to clean your Purlz™ sizers.

4. How do I wear the Purlz™ sizers?

First put on the Champion brand sports bra. Then attach the Purlz™ straps to the sizers. Place the sizers in the bra cup, centering them over your breast. Attach the Purlz™ strap to the bra strap and adjust the sizer within the bra cup. Many women find that the sizers stay in place without using the fabric tape that comes with the system. However, you might find that you need a little more security to keep the sizers in place. If so, use the fabric tape to secure the sizers to the bra. Do not tape to your skin!

5. Can I wear Purlz™ Breast Sizers with any other kind of bra?

Yes! Many of our customers have told us that they started experimenting with other bras, wearing their Purlz™ with strapless bras, halter bras, and other sports bras. The only limitation is the Purlz™ straps require a 1/2" bra strap. However, using the fabric tape to secure the sizers opens up a world of possibility for how and when to wear your Purlz™ Breast Sizers. If you buy the Purlz™ separately, as single pairs without the sports bra, you might want to consider buying the system pack (the straps and fabric tape). That would give you greater flexibility to wear your Purlz™ Breast Sizers in a variety of bras.

6. How should I use the Purlz™ Breast Sizing System to help me decide what size implants I want?

One way to begin your size decision process is to look for photos on the Internet of Before and After pictures of breast augmentation patients. These photos are usually displayed with descriptions of the starting bra size and the resulting bra size along with the type and size of implant used. It would be useful to find a set of these photos of a person whose body is similar to yours and whose resulting photo looks good to you.

You might also want to try our Cup Size Calculator at the top of this page and/or our Implant and Bra Size Chart. All of these will give you a ballpark notion of what size implant you might be looking for.

It would be useful to do this before your first consultation appointment with your surgeon. Then during your first appointment, you might want to try out whatever sizers are available in his or her office to test your initial thoughts about the size you want.

At this point you are probably zeroing in on the size you want. Now you will want to order our sizing system with three different sizes of Purlz™ breast sizers, choosing one size smaller and one size larger than your chosen size. In the smaller sizes (200cc's to 350cc's) a difference of 25cc's is very much perceptible. However, in the sizes larger than 350cc's, it would be better to choose adjacent sizes that are 50cc's larger and smaller.

Now for the fun part! Start wearing the smallest size and live with this size for a week or at least a few days. Wear your Purlz™ in whatever situation feels comfortable to you. How do you feel in this size? How do your clothes fit with the sizers in place? How do you like what you see in the mirror? Next go one size larger for a few days, and so on with the largest size. You may find that you actually like the largest size the best, or maybe the smallest size, or maybe your first thought was accurate.

Finally, when you are very comfortable with the size you have chosen as your optimal size, wear your choice to your doctor's appointment so he or she can see very clearly what the final effect is that you want and also know exactly the volume in cubic centimeters that gave you your optimal size. Be aware that your doctor may actually choose a larger size implant than your chosen sizers because of the compression that will occur when the implants are in place, especially with a sub-muscular placement. Remember, it is the final results that are important, not the number of cc's that your doctor uses.

Our Customers Tell Us

"First of all, I love the sizing system.  I have been wearing them for almost 3 weeks now have been moving up in size.  My husband loves the way I look, more and more each week."
                                    -Angela, Utah

"I just wanted to let you know these sizers worked great for me. I love the 450 cc's. It was easy to see when I went to 500 and 550, that those were too big. I feel very comfortable in them and telling my doctor this was the size I wanted was easy to explain."
                          -Karen, Tennessee

"Edith, I just wanted to let you know that my wife & I are very pleased with the Purlz™ Breast Sizing System. We found it very helpful in getting a visual of what she will look like in certain clothing & choosing a size she felt appropriate.Thank you for all your advice & help. I will definately recommend this product to others. Thanks Again"

                     -Greg, North Carolina

"I'm so glad I ordered this sizing system!!!! I am going back to the Dr soon to show him what size I would like, much smaller than I would have chosen the first time!! Thank-you!!!!"
                      -Jen, Alberta, Canada

"Hi Edith !! The sizers are great? Will they appear smaller once under the muscle?"
                             -Ashleigh, Florida

(note from Edith: "Thanks for your feedback. Concerning implant size, when you have determined your optimal size with the sizers, it is best to wear them to your appointment so your doctor can decide what size and profile of implant will best recreate the effect you have with the sizers. Depending on many factors, your doctor most likely will choose a larger size implant than your sizers in order to compensate for the compression of the implant. The sizers will give your doctor a very clear image of the final effect you want.  Then he or she can accurately judge the size of the implants you need from the cubic centimeter size of the sizers."


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