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Purlz™ were invented because one of our founders was considering breast augmentation, but couldn't find anything that would help her decide, first of all if she really wanted the surgery, and secondly what size did she really want to be? Her doctor suggested filling a plastic bag with rice. These rectangular bags were very uncomfortable, smelled bad after a few minutes, and were impossible to shape correctly. Existing sizers were either filled with water, or made of an uncomfortable rubbery material and only provided one sizer in each size.

Our founder wanted to actually wear something for a while and try out her new size, or actually a range of sizes close to what she thought she wanted. She wanted to know how she would look in her clothes, how she would feel going out in public, what would it be like to jog with her new body.

L. W. Gatz is currently owned and operated by a clothing designer, Edith Gazzuolo, who developed the product now available as "Purlz™." She would be happy to talk to you about your needs and answer any questons you might have. Just call and ask for "Edith." We understand that this is a huge decision for you, and you want to be very sure about your choices. We're here to help. Thank you so much for your interest in our products.

Call 651-470-0050, or email us at

Purlz come in cubic centimeter sizes just like implants

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