Breast Implants - Saline vs Silicone

By A Aaronson

There are many reasons a woman may choose to get breast implants- reconstruction or augmentation- and in making that decision, she must weigh the differences in saline and silicone.

Often times, the reason for your interest in this surgery determines the type of implant. The amount of body fat is also a factor. If there are no special circumstances to consider, the choice comes down to personal preference.
- Silicone Breast Implants -

Silicone emerged in the 60's and remained the popular choice until 90's when they where blamed for causing connective tissue disease, and they were removed from the market.

But, after further studies, the FDA approved them as a safe choice, and they were returned to the market. The FDA approved these for use in reconstruction with no age limits and for augmentation in women 22 years old and up.

Probably the most common reason to choose these is the natural feel of the product. It is a gel like substance so it is firmer; therefore, it feels more natural. It does not slosh about as is sometimes experienced with saline.

Another reason is if there is little body fat or breast tissue present. This is because silicone can be placed over the muscle and rippling is minimal therefore it is less obvious that you have implants.

These are a great choice for body builders who have lost a lot of body fat, but want to retain their femininity. If there is adequate amount of chest tissue, silicone breast implants can still be used either over the muscle or under.

- Saline Breast Implants -

Saline emerged with the silicone scare of the 90's as the only approved choice. Though silicone is back on the market, saline still has its own benefits and should be considered as well.

These are approved for use in reconstruction for women of all ages and for augmentation for 18 years old and up.

First, the patient can choose where the surgeon makes the incision- through the areola, the armpit or the bra crease. The incision is much smaller than with silicone implants because they are inserted already filled, and saline can be filled during surgery. These can be placed over or under the muscle, but as stated above, over the muscle may show rippling making the implants look less natural.

As far as cost, saline is less expensive- up-front costs and money spent in the long run.

If saline ruptures, it merely deflates, the saline is safely absorbed by the body, and it becomes obvious right away. Replacement is easy, and again, the incision is small. Silicones have what is called a silent rupture and is detected by an MRI. It is necessary to have an MRI every couple of years in order to catch this rupture and gets expensive over the years.

As you can see, there are many factors that can determine the type of breast implant you choose. The most important thing is that you discuss all of your options with your plastic surgeon, research on your own and seek out testimonials. As with any surgery, this is not something to be taken lightly.

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