Breast Implants

Top 10 Considerations in Breast Implants

1) What is a breast implant?

•The breast implant shell is generally made of a silicone elastomer shell.
•The shell is filled with silicone or saline.
•Saline implants are filled once they are in the body, whereas the silicone implants come prefilled.

2) Types of breast implants

•Saline breast implants are still the most common type of breast implant.  Over the past fifteen years silicone implants had only been used on a trial basis, but are now FDA approved.  One of the distinct benefits of the saline breast implant is that there is no limitation on the type of incision method.  For example, the TUBA incision method (transumbilical incision) through the belly button is able to be performed only because the shell of the saline breast implant can be sent up through the body in a tube known as an endoscope.
•Silicone breast implants burst onto the market in 2007 after a decade long hiatus in which they were used only in clinical trials.  After the FDA approval, silicone breast implants have become a very popular option.  Due to their thick consisency, especially in the cohesive gel silicone implant, also known as a gummy bear breast implant, this type of breast implant is more natural to the touch.  Many women also feel that the results look more like a natural breast.

3) Breast Implant sizes

•Breast implant sizes do not come in "C" cup or "D" cup size.  They are measured in cubic centimeters, for example 225cc, 375cc, 525cc breast implants, etc. 
•The entire range of breast implant sizes is 150cc to 1200cc. Purlz™ breast sizing testers come in sizes 200cc's through 2000cc's.
•One breast implant size on one body type may have a different result on a different body type. This is why each procedure requires a one-on-one consultation between doctor and client to evaluate the individual and unique needs for each woman.
•To estimate a breast implant size using tester implants, use the Purlz™ Breast Sizing System.
•Try the Purlz™ Cup Size calculator to determine how different tester breast implant sizes will change your bra cupsize.

4) Choosing the right size for your body type

•Using the Purlz™ Breast Sizing System, you can try various breast implant sizes over a period of time to determine which size is best for you. The ultimate size of your implant is a decision for your doctor, since a larger size implant may be needed to achive the same effect as what you determine to be ideal in the Purlz™ sizers.
•While a 475cc breast implant on your friend's body may be perfect for her, it may not be ideal for you.
•Try wearing the Purlz™ Breast Sizing System in public.  Many of the fears women have with relation to breast augmentation has to do with public perception.  Try various sizes in various situations, in all of your favorite clothing.  Do you feel comfortable with the larger breast implant size or smaller?  You will only know by going through the experience prior to choosing your favorite breast implant size.

5) Incision area

There are four breast augmentation incision options:
•Through the armpit
•Through the nipple (periaereolar)
•Through the belly button (transumbilical)
•Under the breast (inframmamary)
Your choice will depend upon the size and type of the breast implant as well as your body type
6) Breast implant profile and projection

•The breast implant profile refers to the width of the implant.  A 375cc implant, for example, might come in three different profiles.  A low profile implant will be wider, generally a better option for a wider chest.  A medium profile is a common option.  A high profile is generally a good option for a woman with a smaller chest width, but who wants a larger breast implant.
•The projection of the breast implant refers to the height of the implant.  The projection results from the volume of the breast implant (cc's) in relationship to the profile of the implant. 
7) Cost of breast implants

Breast augmentation costs vary depending upon a number of factors:
•The experience of the plastic surgeon can have a large impact in terms of cost.
•The location of your doctor may also have an impact on breast augmetation costs.
•Typical breast implant procedures run approximately $4,000 to $5,000, but may be as high as $10,000 or more depending upon the factors noted above.
8) Questions for your doctor

•Please read our "Top 10 Questions for Your Plastic Surgeon" article
9) Breast implant recovery garments

•There are a variety of bras available for women after breast augmentation.  Depending upon the size of the implant and its impact on your body, your doctor will recommend an appropriate recovery bra.
•After a week or two your doctor may recommend transitioning to a sports bra, such as is available in the Purlz™ Breast Sizing System.
10) Breast implant bras

•While the ideal breast augmentation has natural appearing results, the shape and weight of the breasts after augmentation can impact your bra choices.
•The Le Mystere #9 bra series is a patented bra design that fits augmented breasts better than traditional bras.




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