Breast Implant Replacement

By Dr. Jim Greene

Breast implants are only a synthetic product and they are therefore no intended to last forever. In the case that they fail or get old, they will have to be removed or replaced. This is just a fact of life that all person's who have undergone a breast augmentation will have to deal with at least once in their lifetime.

Once the breast implant has been placed in its location, the body goes to work at creating a natural capsule around it as it is seen as an intrusive item. This capsule is basically thick scar tissue that should completely wrap the implant. In many cases it is this capsule that protects a person's body in the even that the implant should fail. It is also this capsule which may cause the implant to fail. This first cause of an implant replacement is known as capsular contracture. It is when the capsule of scar tissue surrounding the implant shrinks the pocket too small for the implant which in turn causes the implant to break.

Furthermore because there are many different implant wall thickness available, the thinner this wall is the more likely it is to rupture resulting in the removal or replacement of the implant.

Regardless of the many reasons in which a breast implant needs to be removed, it can be removed. Breast implant replacement is a common surgery for those who have undergone a breast augmentation. While it is still possible for the breasts to last as long as your life, this is very uncommon and in many cases they will have to be replaced.

Chances are that as long as a certified cosmetic surgeon did the breast augmentation, should the implant fail and rupture, the implant manufacturers will usually pay for the replacement procedure. This replacement warranty has various limitations as well. For example if the implant ruptures because of your own fault, like in extreme sports, then you will have to pay for the replacement. Furthermore, the implants are usually only warranted for a specific period of time and should it be one day after the warrantee is up then you will have top pay for the breast implant replacement surgery.

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