Breast Augmentation Consultation and Preparation

The breast augmentation consultation is the first step you will take with a plastic surgeon if you are considering breast implants.  Be prepared for your breast augmentation consultation by researching the various aspects of this popular cosmetic procedure.
Breast Augmentation Consultation Fees
Most plastic surgeons will charge a breast augmentation consultation fee.  These fees tend to range anywhere from $50 to $150.  In most cases, if you elect to have the procedure with that doctor your consultation fee will be credited toward your total cost of breast augmentation.
What to Expect At Your Breast Augmentation Consultation
In most cases you will have about 1/2 hour to sit down and discuss the process with your plastic surgeon.  This time is valuable to both of you, so you should come prepared.  During the consultation the doctor will want to come to an understanding about what your goals are in breast augmentation.
He or she will discuss the entire process of the breast augmentation surgery all the way through recovery, including which breast implant types and sizes are realistic for your body type.  The points below cover an overview of the information you will discuss.  The more you research each of these points thoroughly, the better use you will make of your time at the doctor's office.

Most doctors also will have you try on breast implant sizers in the office.  In some cases they will have a variety of bras for you to try on, in others you will try on a sports bra to place the implant sizers.  In this way you will have about 20 minutes to try out a few breast implants to get a general idea of the breast implant size you would like to choose.
Whether you purchase the Purlz™ Breast Sizing System before or after your consultation, this system allows you to take your time trying out various breast sizers on your own time and in a variety of clothing.

Breast Implant Type
There are currently two primary types of breast implants available on the market, although new types are in the process of development.  Silicone breast implants were approved by the FDA in 2007 and have since become a popular choice.  Over the recent decade the primary breast implant type was comprised of saline.
Saline breast implants have the distinct advantage of being able to be filled once being implanted within the body.  The advantage to this is that doctors have a wide variety of incision options.  For example, the transumbilical breast augmentation incision (through the belly button) is available with saline breast implants but not silicone.  The belly button incision method allows the doctor to slide the implant through a tube, and endoscope, up through the belly into the breast area.
Silicone breast implants are known to be more natural to the touch.  The gummy bear breast implant, consists of a thick, solidified gel.  The advantage to this type is they hold together even when cut.  They tend to have a longer life once implanted.
Be aware of the various breast implant types before you meet with your plastic surgeon so that you can make better use of your scheduled appointment.
Breast Implant Size
Breast implant sizes do not come in such as "C" cup, or "DD" cup.   They are defined by the amount of cubic centimeters (cc's) filled within the shell of the breast implant.  Breast implants come in sizes such as 200cc, 350cc, 500cc.  They range in volume from 150cc to 1200cc, though anything larger than 600cc is rare.  The most common breast implant size is between 300cc and 400cc.
Many doctors will not discuss bra cup size with you, but rather talk in terms of generalities about breast augmentation size.  Some doctors will even suggest to leave the breast augmentation size up to them, since they feel they are in the best position to judge what implant size will look good on your body type. 
Try wearing the Purlz Breast Sizing System for a few days or weeks ahead of your appointment.  The single best way to communicate your breast augmentation goal is to literally show the results you want on your own body to your doctor.  Try using the Purlz Cup Size Calculator to pick the tester breast implant size you will wear to the doctor's office.
Breast Augmentation Incisions
There are four main incision methods for breast augmentation.  You will need to decide if you would rather have the breast implant placed through the armpit, through the nipple, under the breast fold, or through the belly button.  Depending upon the implant type and your body type, not all of these incision methods may be available to you.  In your consultation, your doctor will discuss the benefits of each type and ask for your input.
Breast Augmentation Preparation
There are several things you will need to do to be prepared for your breast augmentation.  In terms of your health, if you are a smoker you will need to quit several weeks ahead of time.  You also cannot smoke for several weeks after your breast augmentation procedure.  This will aid in the recovery process.
Ahead of the surgery, you will want to become mentally prepared for breast augmentation.  The procedure will be a major event in your life.  Being ready for the surgery and for the first several weeks after the surgery can help with your recovery process.
Breast Augmentation Recovery
What kind of breast augmentation recovery garments will you need?  Be sure to explore with your doctor how much pain you can anticipate and how you can reduce the amount of it.  There are different breast augmentation recovery bras available based upon the size of your implants and the incision method.
Breast Augmentation Risks
Breast augmentation is an invasive procedure.  You will want to ask your doctor what the known risks are.  Additionally, your body type and age may play a factor.  In your consultation you can ask any question you want in regard to risk.  Generally speaking, insurance will not cover your surgery if it is elective.


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