Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation

This procedure is the most common cosmetic surgery in America today. There are  many important things to consider before deciding to go ahead with the procedure, not the least of which is choosing a breast implant size. The top 15 considerations for women considering breast augmentation surgery are listed below.


Top 15 Considerations in Breast Augmentation
1) Your personal reasons for considering breast augmentation:
Are you dissatisfied with the appearance or feel of your breasts?
Do you feel your self-esteem would improve with breast augmentation
Read more in our basics of breast augmentation.

2) Try before you buy
Before you opt for the procedure, try wearing the Purlz™ Breast Sizing System
See how you look and feel with various sizes of breast implants
Try on clothing to find how it affects your size.
Try our Purlz™ Cup Size Calculator to see how Purlz will affect your cup size.
Purlz™ can be worn discretely.  Try wearing them out shopping, or on an evening out to see if breast augmentation is right for you.

Purlz™ Breast Implant Sizers are available in these sizes:

200 cc    225 cc    250 cc    275 cc   

300 cc    325 cc    350 cc    375 cc

400 cc    425 cc    450 cc    475 cc

500 cc    550 cc    600 cc    650 cc

700 cc    800cc    1000 cc

1200 cc    1600 cc    2000 cc

3) Choosing a breast augmentation doctor
Is your breast implant surgeon board certified?
Do you have a personal referral from a friend who has already had breast augmentation? Are there before and after photos available online?

4) The breast augmentation consultation
Read about theTop 10 Questions to ask your Doctor
Try on sizers in the doctors office.
A small consultation fee is typically required.
Be ready to ask plenty of questions.
5) Breast implant type
Saline, Silicone, Gummy Bear Breast Implants, or Micro-Breast Implants
What breast implant type lasts the longest.
All varieties have a normal "life" and need to be replaced at some point.
6) Breast implant profile and projection
Profile is how wide the breast implant is relative to volume. 
Projection is how tall the breast implant is.
Lower profile implants are often used for larger body types
Higher profiles with higher projections are often used for smaller body types wishing for larger breast implants
7) Breast implant size
Sizes range typically from 100cc to 1200cc
The most common range is 300-450cc
Big breast implants, from 450cc to 700cc and larger are about 10-15% of the market.
How should you choose the breast implant sizes right for you?
8) Incision type for your breast augmentation
Various incision types can affect the look of the breast implants and the recovery period as well.
Under the arm, through the nipple, under the breast are the most common.
TUBA is a relatively recent innovation.
9) Preparing for  breast augmentation surgery
If you're a smoker you must stop smoking before and for a good while after the procedure.  Consult with your doctor.
Mental preparation for breast augmentation is critical.
Try various breast implant sizes over a period of time with the Purlz™ Breast Sizing System to choose the right size the first time.

10) Recovery from surgery
You may need a variety of breast augmentation recovery garments.
Plan for time off of work.
Limit your physical activities after the surgery.
11) Wearing bras
Women with breast augmentation should consider wearing special bras made especially for the unique shape of the breasts after receiving breast implants.
12) Cost of breast augmentation surgery
Breast augmentation costs vary from $4,000 to $10,000 or more.
The experience and location of the physician impacts the cost.
13) Financing There is a wide variety of financing available for breast augmentation. Look online for financing opportunities.
14) Risks of surgery
Breast augmentation is an invasive procedure to the body.  Consult with your doctor about the risks inherent in breast augmenation surgery.
15) Breast augmentation revision procedures
Rupture is possible. Capsular contracture can be another reason for breast augmentation revision.
However, the most comon reason for breast augmentation revision is to change the size of the breast implant.


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