Benefits and Risks of Big Breast Implants

Large breast implants are increasingly common with today's advanced technology of breast augmentation.  Are you thinking about getting big breast implants?  It is critical for you to think this decision through, as breast implant reductions are harder to perform than increasing the size of a breast implant. 
While the common advice is to "go one size bigger" than what you immediately think, keep in mind the problems with going too big, as well. This is one very important reason to use breast implant sizers such as the Purlz™ Breast Sizing System.
For this discussion, we are referring to big breast implants as those implants that will increase your breast size to a D-cup or larger. The most popular breast implant size increases a breast size to a C-cup in breast augmentation. However,  women are reportedly choosing D-cups or larger in increasing numbers.
Is a D-cup or larger breast size right for you?
While the average sized breast implant is approximately 350cc in volume, breast implants are made in sizes much larger such as 700cc, 850cc, 1000cc breast implants and larger. As a general note, implant sizes greater than 550cc's will usually result in breast sizes greater than a D-cup. The actual breast implant size you will need to achieve your desired size depends much on your body type and your current breast size.
Big breast implants have been popularized by celebrity women who are actors, entertainers, and models. For these women, the motivation for breast implant size may be quite different from your own. A celebrity may benefit from a larger breast size for many reasons:
* Being on stage or on a movie screen, the breasts of a celebrity will not necessarily appear as large or appealing as they would be up close and in real life. Bigger breasts will tend to stand out on the screen and gain attention.
* Bigger breasts will spark controversy. Celebrities like Selma Hayek, Angela Jennings, Jodie Marsh have gained significant notoriety and public attention in part due to the size of their breasts, regardless of whether or not they have had breast augmentation.
* Big breasts may be a deciding factor in whether or not an actor, entertainer, or model gets the desired role or job that they are seeking.
If you are not in such a profession, your motivation for big breast implants may be completely different. For you, the choice may be more related to your own aesthetic sense regarding your breast size and body image. Perhaps you may have always dreamed of having big, voluptuous breasts and want to take advantage of modern breast augmentation procedures. Take caution in being too inspired by celebrity breast sizes, as they might be perfect for their profession, but may not necessarily be desirable to you in everyday life.
Big Breast Implant Size Considerations
The following factors are important to consider with regard to choosing large breast implants:

  • Attention. Big breasts get attention not only from your family, friends, and co-workers, but also from the public in general. Surprisingly, soon after you get your breast implants, people will tend to forget that you have breast implants and simply accept them as your own breasts. If you are comfortable with attention to your new breast size, then big breast implants may be right for you.
  • Clothing. The type and style of your fashions may need to change. Ideal apparel for big breasts is significantly different from that designed for smaller breasts. Your choices in bras will become somewhat limited as well, especially if you choose a breast size of DD or larger. In general, standard sizing garments are designed for a B-cup. C-cup breasts are generally close enough to average for most ready-to-wear garments. However, a D-cup body may make it difficult to wear your current style favorites.
  • Sagging and Stretching. Your breast tissue and skin will stretch to accommodate the implant. Therefore, if you want to reduce your breast size later, the new breast implant procedure wil be more difficult and will likely result in scarring. Additionally, the weight of a big breast implant may cause the entire breast to sag.
  • Breast implant profile. If the base diameter of your breast is narrower than your desired breast implant, it can actually impact your arm movement. This is one reason to try out the size you want in a wide variety of activities. Choosing a higher profile implant may be necessary in order to fit the size of your ribcage.
  • Subsequent Surgery. The most common reason women require subsequent operations is to change their breast implant size. However, doctors often say it is usually to increase the breast size.

Try On Your Large Breast Size Before Surgery
You should try on larger breast implant sizes before you undergo the surgery. A major change in your body may have some unexpected and undesired results which could prove to be disappointing to you after breast augmentation. For example, Real Housewives star, Tamra Barney, opted to reduce her breast implant size from a D cup to C cup after she received unwanted public attention to her breasts.
By test driving big breast implants before your breast augmentation you may prevent such an issue. The Purlz™ Breast Sizing System allows you to wear big breast implant sizers, while still looking and feeling natural. By your own experience you may decide whether or not big breast implants are right for you.
Some women have reported that they have worn the system out in a shopping mall on a weekend, just to see how they feel about themselves with big breast implants. Others have worn them throughout the day and evening, even sleeping with them on to see how they feel. If they like the feeling and the new attention to their breasts, it gives them confidence to opt for bigger breast implants than a C cup.
Before you decide on big breast implants you will need to meet with your plastic surgeon to determine how large a breast size is possible for you given your body type. Consider thoroughly how your desire for big breasts will change throughout your life. If after wearing the Purlz™ breast sizing system and talking with your doctor, you still prefer a D cup or larger, then big breast implants may be right for you. 

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